Kids Church

Kids Church is run alongside the main service from 10am to 12pm and is a mini service to teach and train
the children in the things of Christ. We start with praise songs and before we go onto the worship songs,
we take part in Communion. After notices and the taking of the offering (we support a young child in Sri
Lanka through Child Fund NZ) we break for morning tea, then we split into two groups for lesson time.

Our goal in Kids Church is to encourage each child to have their own personal relationship with Christ and
to teach them the importance to live the Christian life every day. The curriculum we use varies but we have
used the Billy Graham curriculum “Dare to be a Daniel” and Tim Hawkins Growing Young Disciples –
Discovering Jesus (a discipleship-based curriculum). We also teach on the things of the Holy Spirit, as we
are a spirit filled church, and it is important for the children to learn that the Holy Spirit is for them, not just
Mum and Dad. Children are taught to pray and we have our own prayer times when the children can bring
their own prayer needs for prayer and we use the other children to pray with the leaders for each need.