King Of Kings Church:
The name "King of Kings Church" was given to me whilst I was worshipping at Bethel Church in Redding, California. Then I was given the vision of the four faces - Lion, Eagle, Ox and Man. I wrote them down and with each one came a value. Lion - courage; Eagle - commitment; Ox - servanthood; Man - excellence.

When I returned home to New Zealand I was not sure what God wanted me to do with this so I prayed about it on and off for a year. God wanted the church to be His Church again. He would have His Name over it and He would be responsible for it. God wanted His Church to break out of the mentality of being "slaves" and "victims" to a people who understand their transmuted state as royal family. Kings of the "King of Kings".

Back to the four faces. Ezekiel 1:10 and 10:14 mention these. They were Cherubim who carried the very presence of God; they enthroned Him. As a Church we believe we are to carry the very presence of God, in the Church and in our community.

The faces are said to be the four faces of the gospel. Matthew : Lion - speaking of the King and His Kingdom; Mark : Oxen - Jesus was the perfect servent; Luke : Man - Jesus was the perfect man, a man of excellence; John : Eagle - John gives prophetic revelation of Jesus and his origin as the Creator. Eagles see from a great distance.

Our Church catchcry is "To be like HIM".

Jesus, called the Lion of Judah. It took great courage for Jesus to announce another Kingdom in Israel in the face of Roman occupation. Judah means praise and in Judges 1:1-12 and 20:18, we read how as worshippers they were sent first into battle. For singers and musicians to face swords and spears takes courage. As God's people, we also must stand up with courage in the face of the great opposition we face from many directions.

Like Jesus, the perfect servant, we are called to serve the great course of the Gospel with the great and noble characteristic of servanthood (Mark 10:44).

Like Jesus we are to carry a Spirit of excellence, desiring to please Him by doing our very best in every endeavour of life we choose.

Like Jesus, who was committed to His mission of bearing the sins of the world by going all the way to the cross, we are called to that place of solid commitment and reliability. Like the eagle who is a very committed Mother to her chicks, we are to be committed to Jesus and His mission and the plan of soul winning and raising others into their Kingdom roles.